Sunday, April 26, 2015

Essie Flowerista Watermarble

Hi everyone,
long time, no see... or rather post. Those past days I have been busy preparing for a job interview and I was not really in the mood to paint my nails. Finally, that stress is gone now and my nail mojo is back. For the first time in ages, I tried water marbling again using two colors from the Essie Flowerista collection.


The polishes I used were Essie Flowerista and Essie Garden Variety. I just like these colors together and luckily both of them worked well for water marbling. Instead of dipping my fingers into the cup, I let the marbled design dry on the surface of the water, and carefully cut it into nail-sized pieces before mounting them on a slightly tacky layer of Garden Variety. I still have some problems getting the decals on without any wrinkles, but this time it came out ok.


Essie's Garden Variety is one of those difficult to capture colors. It is more vibrant and a tad more green in real life. Somehow my camera likes to pull out the blue in those kind of colors.

How do you like this design? Have you picked up anything from the Essie Flowerista collection?
Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!


  1. This watermarble is so pretty! I like it! Hope you nailed that interview :)

  2. Gorgeous! 💜 I have them all!

  3. This collection really is pretty, but I skipped the nude shades, because they just won't suit me.

  4. Thank you so much! Sadly, I did not get the job. But I am positive I will find something else.

  5. Danke dir! Water marble ist ja nicht so mein Ding. Ich mag die Technik total, aber irgendwie bin ich immer zu doof und zu ungeduldig dazu.


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