Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My picks from the Essie Flowerista collection

garden variety petal pushers flowerista

Hi everyone,
today I have my picks from the current Essie Spring collection called Flowerista to share with you. Uhm.. and yes, I did change my nail shape. Back in the day before I even started blogging I used to wear my nails super long in a stiletto shape. When I started blogging I quickly gave up on that shape, because it was very high maintenance and threw me back whenever I suffered a break. But recently, there has been something about my square nails that bugged me. Somehow my nails looked wide and not very feminine anymore. Thus, I decided to give the almond shape a try. I know this shape is not for everyone and while I was skeptical at first, they have really grown on me. With this shape my fingers look slimmer than with my square nails. What do you think? I hope you will enjoy my swatches just as much as before!

I was looking forward to the release of the Flowerista collection from Essie, because their Spring shades never disappoint. Naturally, I went for the brighter shades, skipping the mint green Dandy Blossom, because I find it is too similar to Mint Candy Apple, which I already own.



Let us start with the namesake of this collection, shall we!? Essie Flowerista is a vibrant reddish plum color with a creme finish. The formula on this is perfection. It is very pigmented, easy to apply and you can get away with one coat. I did two for the photos, no top coat.



Essie Garden Variety is a bright teal blue color. This one was so hard to capture, it just looked completely different in different lighting situations. I tried to adjust it as close to the actual color as possible, but it is even more vibrant in person. Garden Variety was the sheerest out of the three, and after two coats there still is some visible nail line, but it is not too noticeable. This one also dries to a shiny finish, no top coat.



Essie Petal Pushers is a smoky stone color. It is a grey with purple undertones and a creme finish. While this is not a typical shade that screams spring to me, I had to get it anyway, because it looks so unique. Again, the formula is a bliss to work with. Shown above are two coats without top coat. By the way, in Germany this one is called "Pedal Pushers", because I guess whoever created the labels made a typo or did not get the flower theme. 

Did you get anything from the Flowerista collection? How do you like these colors? And I'd appreciate your feedback on the nail shape, be it positive or negative (as long as it is kind) ;) Thanks for reading!



  1. I love the new shape, your nails look really great !

  2. Beautiful picks!

  3. Thanks so much Adi! The new shape is finally growing on me. Filing away the sides makes my nails look more straight and they do not have that pronounced c-curve anymore.


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