Sunday, May 03, 2015

Job Interview Nails: Nails Inc x VVB - Bamboo White

Hi everyone,
in my last Essie water marble post I told you I was preparing for a job interview. Said interview is over now, but I want to share with you the nail polish I wore for this formal occasion. Just FYI, I did not nail the interview and did not get the job, but I am ok with that - at least my nails looked pretty that day ;)


Bamboo White is one of the two shades created by Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. It is an off-white shade with a tint of pink and a creme finish. While it might not look overly unique at first sight, I do not have anything similar in my stash (see my nude polish comparison here).

The formula is great, easy to apply and self-levelling. Even though it looked a bit patchy and sheer on the first coat, I only needed two coats for full opacity. It also wore well. I had this on for four days and even then it only showed some tip wear (which was hardly noticeable). The only minor flaw for me is the ultra wide brush. It works great if you have wider nail beds, but it can be a pain on narrow nails like my pinkie. Apart from the formula, another thing I adore about Bamboo White is the bottle. It is very heavy and feels quite luxurious. It is a satin black on the front and the back, but clear on the sides so you can see the color of the nail polish.

All these things together justify the hefty price tag for me. The Nails Inc Victoria Beckham polishes are limited edition and retail for $25 each or $45 as a set of two (together with Judo Red). You can get it at Nordstrom, Sephora or Macy's
For my German readers, the Nails Inc x VVB polishes are currently available at Douglas. You can find Bamboo White individually here for 19,99€ or as a set with Judo Red here for 35,99€. With the code AFM515 you can save 10% until June 30th. I paid a whopping 25€ for my bottle, so this really is a good deal :)

How do you like Bamboo White? Would you pay this much for a nail polish? Let me know below in the comments!
Thanks for reading, have a great Sunday!

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  1. Das mit dem Job ist wirklich ärgerlich :( Aber ja, deine Nägel sahen wunderbar aus. Und der Lack ist wirklich schön. Habe ihn schon ein paar Mal angehimmelt. Aber er ist mir dann doch zu teuer. Ich habe einmal so viel Geld für einen Lack ausgegeben (Chanel - Vertigo). Ansonsten ist es mir aber zu viel für einen Lack. Meine Schmerzgrenze liegt eigentlich bei 15€ und dann muss das schon was besonderes sein.


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