Friday, June 12, 2015

Blue Holographic Blobbicure with ILNP Peri Me & Summer Stargazing

ILNP peri me summer stargazing

This month I am taking part in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge over at Instagram (#wnac2015) and today's theme is holographic. I knew right away that I would do a blobbicure for this day. I had seen holographic blobbicures on other people and it looked really cool. Check out Deborah's lavender blobbicure or this creme and holo blobbicure by Pshiiit for example.
I am not great at free hand nail art, but putting blobs of nail polish on my nails sounded fairly easy. So much for the theory!


My first nail was a complete fail, because the blobs did not spread. I guess I applied too little of the base color so it was too dry by the time I added the drops. While I was happy with my ring and pinkie nail after the first try, I ended up redoing my index and middle finger three times until I had a decent design. I should have added one more drop to the middle of my index nail, though.


The polishes I used for this blobbicure were ILNP - Peri Me from this year's Spring collection and Summer Stargazing from last year's Summer collection.
Peri Me is a pretty light periwinkle blue shade with a strong holographic effect. Indoors, when the holo effect is not as strong, you can make out some reddish shimmer in there, too. 
Summer Stargazing is a super vibrant royal blue and right up my alley. Again, the linear holographic effect is strong in person. My camera swallows a lot of the effect and I haven't found the perfect settings to do the holos justice, yet. If you like these polishes, they are still available at ;) I top coated everything with Quickie from Underground Cosmetics.


Have you tried a blobbicure yourself? Let me know how you like the technique :)
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  1. This came out so well Sabine! Love the contrasting colors :).

  2. Thanks a lot Deborah. Yours looks so much better though ;)


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