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[Review] OPI Infinite Shine - Set in Stone

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Ever since I saw first swatches of the Infinite Shine system, OPI's version of a long-lasting gel finish manicure, I was intrigued and knew I wanted to try these. For the longest time I could not find them around here and I still haven't spotted them in German stores. A while ago, when Sephora France released a store-wide 25% off coupon, I bit the bullet and ordered the top and base coat set and the shade Set in Stone. My vacation in Barcelona was the perfect opportunity to finally test-drive OPI's Infinite Shine system.


OPI Set in Stone is a pretty taupe creme shade. It is nicely pigmented and covers perfectly in two coats. The formula is slightly thicker than regular OPI nail polishes. I was worried that it would be too warm and look brown on the nails, but that was not the case. In fact I really liked this taupe color on me. 


Like the instructions say, I applied one layer of base coat and let that dry before I added two thin coats of Set in Stone. I finished everything off with a thicker layer of top coat. Everything dried fast and to an even and shiny finish. The next morning I noticed some small bubbles on several nails. Maybe I was too heavy on the top coat.


OPI promises up to 10 days of wear with their Infinite Shine system. During my vacation my nails were exposed to salt water, suncreen and lots of hand washing. Unfortunately, my suncreen was the type that dissolves nail polish (read more on that topic here), so my mani turned dull quickly. Other than that, it wore really well. I took it off after 5 days, because it was not shiny anymore. There were no cracks or chips and barely any tipwear. As mentioned, I blame my suncreen rather than the product itself for dulling my manicure and I think I have to try the Infinite Shine system under "normal" conditions again. So far, I am pretty happy with the product.

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Have you tried the OPI Infinite Shine System? What do you think about the gel manicure trend? Let me know!



  1. Woahr, I never heard before that sunscreen can actually damage nail polish. I'm pretty impressed! :D But hey, nice to hear there are actually some systems that work. Haven't heard much good about Sally Hansen's e.g.
    I don't particularly like the shade you chose and I'm way to lazy for these systems, but I can see why people like the Infinite Shines :)

  2. I adore this colour, its such a sophisticated and classy colour!

  3. Ich liebe solche Farben. Und ich habe auch nur Gutes von der Reihe gehört. Würde sie gerne Testen. Bin aber zu geizig mit Base und Top Coat zu den Lacken dazu kaufen zu müssen.

  4. Der top und base coat sind schon teuer :/ Und ich werde sie wohl auch nur mit diesen OPI Lacken benutzen... Obwohl, vielleicht klappt das auch mit anderen Lacken? Könnte ich mal testen.

  5. I agree, this color is perfect for any occasion!

  6. I was kinda shocked when I saw that sunscreen dissolves nail polish... I mean, it is supposed to be good for your skin, but when it dissolves nail polish, I wonder what it does to skin.

  7. I think that's just chemical reactions, which don't happen with our skin and therefore nothing to worry about :)


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