Thursday, June 18, 2015

Turquoise Stone Manicure - Water marble with hair spray

turquoise stone nail design

Hi everyone!
I am back from my vacation in Barcelona. I only went there for a week, which was way too short. The city has so many things to explore and see, I could have stayed another week. Of course I did some shopping while I was there and I am planning to share my haul with you soon. Surprisingly, I did not buy any nail polish - say what!?
Today I have for you a turquoise stone manicure, where I made use of the "hairspray method" for the first time


My base color is the gorgeous turquoise holographic polish Cerrillos from Cirque Colors. This shade is so vibrant and the formula is super easy to work with. I applied two coats. It looked so pretty on its own that I almost did not want to cover it with other colors. I was curious to try the hairspray water marble technique, so I did it anyway.


Next I added two drops of Essie - Licorice into a cup of room temperature tab water. Then I took some hairspray and sprayed it onto the polish. The hairspray disrupts the layer of polish, creating a spotted pattern. Upon the first spritz I obtained only small holes, so I sprayed again, but somehow that did not alter the pattern anymore. I somehow liked the fine pattern, so I dipped all four fingers at a time. 


Afterwards, I repeated the same procedure using Essie - Penny Talk, cleaned everything up and applied one layer of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. 
The result does not look like a typical turquoise stone, but still I think it is pretty. Danny from Polish Chest told me she uses bodyspray for this technique and she optained a better result. Next time I am at the drugstore I will pick up a bottle and try again. Before I used hair spray I tried spritzing the polish with a brush cleaner, but that did not work at all. For a detailed tutorial on this water marble with hair spray check out this tutorial by Marie Nail Art (there are lots of others out there, though).


Have you tried this technique yourself? Let me know what products worked well for you!
Thanks for reading, see you soon!


  1. Welcome back! This technique is new to me! I am never successful at water marbling, but maybe this one will work for me!

  2. I actually love the teeny tiny holes the spray created, though I personally would've gone with Penny Talk first, then black ;-).

  3. Let me know if you've tried it! I am not good at water marbling either, but this was pretty easy. It even works when to polish does not cooperate ;)

  4. After watching several tutorials I think that is what most people do, but to be honest I did not really think about the order in which I used the polishes.


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