Friday, July 03, 2015

Dry brush gradient with Colores de Carol - Beach Boys collection

neon nails

Hey there,
today I can finally show you a manicure with some colors from the Beach Boys collection from Colores de Carol. I love me some neons during summer and when I first saw swatches of the collection I fell in love. You might says "Nah, they're just cream neon polishes, what's the deal?!", but I really like these. They are bright and fun and just cheer me up. Isn't that enough to justify buying a polish? ;)  I originally ordered the collection in early April, but they seem to have gotten lost in the mail. Carolina was so kind to send out another package, which arrived today. I had to try them immediately in a dry brush gradient I wanted to create for July's weekly nail art challenge on Instagram (#wnac2015).


I started out this neon dry brush manicure with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and let them dry. Then I took Good Vibrations (yellow), All Summer Long (orange) and California Girl (pink) to apply the brush strokes. I wiped off as much polish from the brush as possible and went lightly over the nail. This was a bit tricky, because it is so so hot today and the polish on the brush dried super quick. I did two rounds of "brushing" for every color and finished everything off with a layer of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


Granted,  this is not a perfect gradient as you would obtain it with a sponge, but it is hard to get a smooth effect with the dry brush technique. The transition from the yellow to the orange is a bit harsh, but I like how this manicure turned out anyway.

Like most neons, these were more bright and vibrant in person than they appear in the photos. My camera struggles with neons, so just imagine all of these shades to be a super highlighter neon color!
By the way, I love that this collection in called Beach Boys and that the colors all have the name of one of their songs. One of my early childhood memories is hearing my grandfather listening to a Beach Boys best of album and I remember I loved it back then. I can still sing along to most of their songs (yes, that is how old I am, lol). But who can resist singing along to Surfin' USA or Barbara Ann?!


The Beach Boys collection currently is available in Carol's store. You can purchase the colors individually for $10 each or as a set of eight for $75. She does ship internationally if you're outside the United States.

And with this fun bright manicure I am off to enjoy the hot weather - which will most likely be me sitting in the shade with a cool drink, because I cannot handle heat. Happy Friday, have a great weekend everyone!



  1. This is beautiful Sabine, I loooove how your nail look, awesome gradient!

  2. Das sieht wirklich super aus. Klasse Farben und schön einfach mit super Effekt.
    Colores de Carol hat wirklich tolle Farben. Bis jetzt habe ich die Marke aber noch nicht getestet.

  3. Oh Schööön!! <3 Diese Dry Brush Technik hab ich schon 1-2 mal probiert, aber irgendwie sah das immer nur 'dreckig' aus und kam so sofort wieder runter :-D vielleicht sollte ich es auch mal mit so knalligen Farben und einem Gradient probieren. Perfekte Sommer Mani <3

  4. Danke dir :) Ich glaube, diese dry brush Technik ist trial and error: ich probiere einfach aus - verschiedene Farbkombis, Richtungen der Pinselstriche etc. Bin schon gespannt, was du zauberst!

  5. Danke schön. Das sind auch meine allerersten Colores de Carol Lacke. Bisher bin ich ganz angetan.

  6. Thank you Carolina, I am happy that you like my creation. I can't wait to play with the other colors.

  7. I think this manicure is great. I am still puzzled by how you did it.

  8. Thank you Tanya. This is actually really easy to do, just google dry brush manicure and you will find lots of tutorials :)

  9. Oh yes! So bright.

    Just to make sure - the nail polish bottle brush? Just like you would for a distressed mani?

  10. Yes, you use the brush from the bottle, no extra tools needed. Simply wipe off as much polish on the neck of the bottle as you can. Now that I think of it I guess dry brush and distressed nails are pretty much the same ;P


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