Friday, July 31, 2015

Negative Space Gradient Chevron Nails

gradient stamping

Happy Friday everyone,
I hope you had a great week. The weather has been pretty aweful these days, so I had lots of time to sit inside and play with nail polish. Just a couple of days ago I received my order from b.lovesplates and I had to try their stamping polishes and plates immediately. 


I started out this negative space nail design by applying chevron nail vinyls to my bare nails and painting them with one coat of OPI Alpine Snow. Once that was dry I applied liquid latex around my nails and over the parts of my nails that should remain bare. For the gradient chevrons I used an image from b.lovesplates B.01 geometry is perfect and all six of her My Perfect Summer stamping nail polishes. After removing the latex barrier I applied a layer of HK Girl top coat and INM Northern Lights gold for some sparkles.


I am happy with the gradient stamping. For my last gradient stamping mani I had problems blending the MdU polishes together nicely. The b.lovesplates stamping polishes (which actually are Color Alike polishes) are not as thick as MdU and blended more easily. Another plus for the Color Alike stamping polishes is their scent. They do not have that nasty chemical smell the MdUs have. In fact, they have a slight sweet floral scent to them. 


Somehow these negative space gradient chevron nails looked better in my head. Maybe outlining the blank areas with black would have helped. Oh well, nail art for me is a learning process and not every manicure comes out perfectly the first time.
I hope you enjoyed this manicure anyway. I wish you a great weekend, until next time!


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