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[Wear Test] Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Birthday Suit & starry gradient design

birthday suit sally hansen review

I have already shown you some swatches of the new (at least new to the German market) Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish shades, but I still owe you a thorough review. I have already tried this line when it first came out last year. I wore the shade Dig Fig, but wasn't overly expressed. The color went on patchy, the top coat dissolved the base color so I ended up with even more patches and the whole manicure looked nothing like gel - it lacked volume and shine. Additionally, the whole thing chipped badly after four days and I had to take it off.

On their Instagram page Sally Hansen announced that the Miracle Gel top coat has been reformulated and now gives you "up to 14 days of color and shine [and] now gives you 2x the volume". I was curious to see how this new version performed and gave this line another try.


For my wear test I went with the shade Birthday Suit, a nude creme with a hint of pink. This shade is relatively sheer and I needed three semi-thick coats to get decent coverage. At certain angles it still looked a bit uneven, but nothing too bad. I let every coat dry for 3-4 minutes before I added another coat to prevent bubbling. Finally, I applied a rather thick layer of the Miracle Gel top coat and also wrapped my tips. 
To be honest, I am not a fan of this top coat. It dissolves the nail polish underneath very quickly and drags it along as you move the brush towards the tip of the nail. I got some dents and patches in my freshly painted nails, but these aren't too apparent in the photos. The plastic bristles of the brush are really hard and hardly bend, which results in some ridges in the final manicure, as you can see in the macro below. Meh. I also got some bubbles in my mani, which is probably because I was too heavy handed with the top coat. But to be fair, it added a decent amount of shine and did not shrink on me, which is always a plus.


In the photo below you see Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit on day 3. It is still pretty shiny (maybe not as shiny as on day 1, but still pretty good). There is a faint bit of tip wear on the points of my nails, but that is it. Please excuse the ridge on the side of my index finger nail. I almost cut myself while chopping onions and in order not to influence the wear test I did not file my nails or reapply polish on that nail.


After five days of wear there was some noticeable growth at the cuticle and a bit more tip wear compared to day three. There were no chips or cracks and the whole manicure held up much better than the last time I tried this system. The shine had dulled a bit, but I observe similar things with regular top coats I use (which most of the time is Glisten & Glow HK Girl or Misslyn 60 sec top dry). I guess you could easily fix this with another layer of top coat if you wanted.


Below you see Sally Hansen Birthday girl in full sunlight after 5 days of wear. Here you can see the tip wear, especially on my thumb nail. It seems that the top coat has shrunk on a few nails, but overall this manicure was still wearable.


To cover up some of the growth at the cuticle and the tip wear I sponged on a gradient using Birthday Suit and Red Eye from the same range. To spice things up a bit, I added a few starry water decals. These are available from Born Pretty Store and with the code KYL91 you get 10% off your whole order. By the way, sponging on a gradient is a great way if you want to recycle and prolong the wear of your manicure ;) 


I took the whole manicure off after 7 days, because I had an invitation to a job interview and I did not want to show up and scare everyone with my bright claws ;) I am sure this manicure would have lasted me for a few more days. By the way, I simply removed this polish with non-acetone remover and it comes off just like any other regular nail polish. Also, I did not use a base coat, because it is already "built in" the color nail polish.

Overall, I am pleased with the performance of Sally Hansen Birthday Suit from the Miracle Gel range. The color is a pretty wearable nude creme. Even though it is on the sheerer side it can be build up to full coverage. I am not impressed with the top coat, though. I find it could be a thicker formula and give even more volume to the manicure. I also do not like how it drags the base color around. I think this could be improved simply by changing the bristles on the brush.
As far as wear time is concerned, this nail polish held up pretty well and I got a full week of wear out of it. If it really lasts a full 14 days as claimed remains to be investigated, but I personally wouldn't want a mani to last that long (firstly, because I get bored quickly with my mani and secondly, I do not think I would be able to stand the growth at the cuticle).

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range? Let me know what you think! 

More swatches of this range on my blog:


  1. Oh I DID NOT EXPECT that gradient! It looks SO GOOD, love the colour combo.

  2. The gradient is fab and covers up my pet hate - nail growth! I wouldn't consider wearing the same polish on my hands for more than five days so gel-like manicures or proper gel aren't really a priority for me. Off to Bornpretty to order the decals now...

  3. Haha, I cannot stand grown out nail polish either. I just left it on that long for the sake of this wear test. However, gel nails or the long wearing regular nail polishes aren't for me, because I like to switch up the color on my nails often. They might come in handy for people who do not like to paint their nails several times a week, though.

  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my recent posts Catherine! I am always happy to see a familiar face around here :D I really like the nude/red color combo, too, and will wear this again soon I think (maybe with different polishes).


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