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Essie Silk Watercolor water marble nail art & review

watermarble tie dye nail art

Hey everyone,
for today's post I tackled the water marble technique once more. I have done water marble manis in the past, but they're not my favorite thing in the world (because I mess it up 90% of the time). Yesterday I received my Essie Silk Watercolor collection in the mail and I had to play with it immediately. In a YouTube video I saw someone marbling with them. They seemed to work quite well and I liked the way they looked, so I just gave it a try.


First, I painted my nails with two coats of Essie White Page, which is the white base that comes with the collection. It is a decent clean white creme nail polish, but if you already have a white polish in your collection that you like, you might as well use that.
After the white had dried I applied some liquid latex around my nails to make the clean up easier. Then I dropped four colors alternately into a cup with room temperature tap water. I find that for most polishes it does not make a difference if I use filtered or tap water. The shades I used are Point of Blue (which looks more blurple on the nail), Art New-Beau (orange), Pen & Inky (teal) and Muse, Myself (yellow). I drew a simple petal design using a toothpick and dipped one finger at a time. After peeling off the latex I sealed everything in with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


Yikes, please excuse the fuzz in the photo above. Where did that even come from? Anyway, I hope the design distracts from the lint. 
I have to say I was pleasantly suprised with how well these Essie Silk Watercolor polishes behaved in the water. All four spread nicely and dried slowly on the surface of the water. The latter ensures that you have enough time to draw a design into your "bull's eye". 
The Silk Watercolors look more pigmented in the bottle than they come out on the nails. That being said, they are still much more pigmented than the OPI Sheer Tints. Also, they are way more liquid than the OPIs and much easier to work with.


Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. I bought all eight shades from the collection and I cannot wait to play with them more.
The collection is available in the US now. You can get it at Nordstrom for example, where a full-size bottle retails for $8.50. Essie also offers two different mini sets which contain the white base and three of the colors. These are available at Nordstrom or Ulta.

 I do not know if this collection will find its way into German drugstores. I purchased mine from a seller on Amazon, where a full-size bottle costs 7,95€. Shipping from Ireland is free. You can find it here. Please note that this is the professional version with the skinny brush.

Have you joined the sheer nail polish trend, yet? OPI started the hype last year with their Sheer Tints. This year they introduced their Color Paints (which I am curious to try). Numerous brands released such sheer nail colors over the past months (Astor, Essie, Sally Hansen and probably more I haven't even heard of). Which is your favorite?

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