Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glam Polish - Pop!

knockout collection part 2 glam polish

Oh how I had to hunt for the Knockout collection from Glam Polish! When their European stockist Hypnotic Polish added the Knockout collection to their store, it sold out in minutes and I missed it. I had to wait another two or three months for a restock (might have been even longer) and in the meantime the second installment of the Knockout collection already came out. When both Knockout collection Part I and Part II were finally available, I threw a few shades in my cart and immediately placed my order.


The only shade I knew for sure I would not need was Pop!, because it is a peach color and peach shades hardly suit my skin tone. Well, guess what shade you're seeing in the pictures. Right, it's Pop! from the Knockout collection Part II. It looked unique and I was curious to try it. I am surprised how much I ended up liking this polish.


Glam Polish Pop! is an orange/peach creme base with holographic glitter and a scattered holographic effect. The formula was nice and easy to apply. The base is pigmented and the glitter is dense. You need only two coats to get an opaque layer. It dries to an ever so slightly textured finish, so it is a good idea to apply a thicker layer of top coat. As usual, I used my trusty HK Girl and one coat gave it a smooth and shiny finish.


The glitter particles in Glam Polish Pop! are ultra holographic. Even in the shade and indoors the holographic effect is visible. 
Because the base is loaded with larger glitter, Pop! is a bit stubborn when it comes to removal. I used cotton balls and non-acetone remover and even after soaking my nails for several minutes I had to rub quite a bit to get it off my nails. To remove it gently I thus recommend aceton remover or the foil method.


I hope you enjoyed Glam Polish Pop!. Would you wear a shade like this?
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