Sunday, September 06, 2015

Essie Neons 2015 - Make Some Noise

Essie neons 2015

Finally another post. If you have read my last post you know that I started a new job on the first of September. I am working in the sales team for a company that sells lab products. I have only worked at universities so far, thus everything is new and there is a whole lot to learn. Please bear with me in case there might be only sporadic posts coming up in the next few weeks. I try my best to schedule some posts for your viewing pleasure. As always, if you want to see more recent updates, follow me on my social media channels which are linked in the right sidebar.


Like every year, Essie came out with a Neon collection this summer. I purchased the complete neons collection last year. Since it was a major let down for me (most polishes were sheer, watery and patchy), I had planned to not get any this year. Another thing that turned me off was the fact that Germany would be getting only four of the six neon polishes - boo Essie! But when I spotted the display in my local drugstore, the blue Make Some Noise was love at first sight (I'm weak-minded when it comes to nail polish, I know).

Make Some Noise is a vivid cyan shade with a creme finish. Like the polishes from last year's collection, this one is bright, but not neon to me. It dries to a shiny finish, while your typical neon polish usually has a matte/satin finish. It is on the thick side, but workable. I am wearing two coats plus top coat in the pictures.


I adore this shade of blue, but it was so hard to capture right. I tried to adjust the color, but still these photos are not doing it justice. It is more vibrant and a tad greener in real life. I'd suggest you check this one out in person and if you like blues I bet you'll get hooked just like me.

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