Tuesday, September 22, 2015

F.U.N. Lacquer - Style (H)

multichrome holographic glitter nail polish

F.U.N. Lacquer is another indie brand that is new to my stash. I have only tried their silver foil holographic shade Pay Day (H) before and liked it a lot. The multichrome holographic glitter polish Style (H) sounded promising and looked pretty in swatches, so I spontaneously bought it during my last online shopping spree.


According to the F.U.N. Lacquer website, Style (H) is a "multicolour shifting glitter. It shifts through a blue, to red, to orange, and even a little bit of purple. This polish can be worn alone in 3-4 coats or top it with any color!"
In the swatches I found online the color shift was very prominent and it seemed to cover nicely on its own. However, I have to admit I am pretty underwhelmed by the looks of it.


I applied two coats of F.U.N. Lacquer Style (H) over Essie Make Some Noise and added one layer of top coat. The glitter is not very dense and I cannot imagine wearing it on its own. Maybe sponging it on will help increasing the glitter yield and I will try this next time. On the plus side, even with those two coats the holographic effect is prominent and strong.


Sadly I did not spot the color shift on my nails. It's visible in the bottle, but neither in sunlight nor shade did I see the glitter particles shifting to orange or red. Some multichrome polishes work better over darker colors, so I'll give it a second chance over black.
I really love indie polishes and it hurts me to say that I am not a fan of this one. I had high hopes for Style (H), but it did not meet my expectations. That is just my personal opinion and by no means does it mean that this is a bad polish per se. I'd love to hear your thoughts on F.U.N. Lacquer Style (H). Have you tried it? Which are your favorite polishes from this brand? Let me know, because I'd like to try more from this brand.


You can buy F.U.N. Lacquer directly from their web shop. A bottle retails for around $12. They ship internationally from Singapore. They have stockists around the globe if you prefer shopping in your country and avoid troubles with customs and import taxes.


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