Friday, October 30, 2015

#spooktober: Halloween Designs 2015

spooktober halloween nails

Happy Friday! Finally a new post. There is no big reason for my latest absence. My new job keeps me busy and I still need some time to adjust and get things organized. Do not worry, I have not fallen out of love with blogging or nail art, but sometimes life gets in the way. Since I am working with customers I did not want to scare them off with gaudy nails (even though I am sure most of them won't mind or even notice them, but you never know). So most of this year's Halloween nail designs I only wore for a weekend. Here is a little round up of my Spooktober 2015 nail designs.

Pumpkins and textures




Essie's Belugaria probably is the most obnoxious nail polish of all times, but it makes a great Halloween nail polish. In this mani I combined it with pumpkin decals and yellow and orange tones.

Materials & polishes used:
P2 - amber

Graveyard at sunset



I adore the combination of purple and orange. For this spooky design I sponged on a gradient before stamping on the graveyard design and spooky mansion.

Materials & polishes used:

Bats and ghost jelly sandwich



For this mani I pulled out a sheer orange polish, stamped on some white ghosts and bats, applied another layer of polish, stamped some more... it is basically a pond manicure. Sadly the orange jelly smeared some of the designs, but I like the effect.

Materials & polishes used:

Skull double stamping



When I think of Halloween I think of skulls. Luckily I had a great skull stamping image handy. Yes, I do love my Bunny Nails Halloween plate :D The images are etched nicely and it is so easy to work with.

Materials & polishes used:
Bunny Nails HD-D plate 

These were my manis for Halloween 2015. What will you be wearing on your nails tomorrow? Whatever it is, happy trick or treating ;)

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