Sunday, October 11, 2015

#spooktober - Skull Double Stamping

skull halloween nail art

Hello there, I hope everyone is having a cozy Sunday! Long time no post. My new job is keeping me busy and to be very honest I did not have much energy to paint my nails, let alone do nail art during the past few weeks. This weekend I finally got around to do some Halloween designs. I have had this Halloween themed Bunny Nails HD-D plate in my stash for a long time and I finally wanted to use it.


My base is two coats of Leggy Legend, a copper shimmer with pink flakes from Essie's current Fall collection. Over this I stamped the skull pattern from Bunny Nails HD-D plate using Essence Stampy polish in matte black. This is my favorite black for stamping because it is opaque, easy to work with and does not smell funky like other stamping polishes from overseas. 


Finally I stamped the skull pattern in a different angle over the black. The silver is a stamping polish from Born Pretty Store. It is intensely pigmented and not too thick, so it is easy to work with. Like other Chinese nail polishes I have tried, this one smells funky. The scent almost made me sick, so even though I like its formulation I probably won't reach for this too often. If you're interested in checking it out yourself, you can find the stamping polish here. It is available in a variety of colors. The code KYL91 takes 10% off of your entire order.


To be honest this manicure looked a lot better in my head. The silver just covered too much of the black. Next time I will try another color combination for my double staping manicure. For more Halloween nail art on My Polish Stash click here.
If there is a certain Halloween design you'd like me to do for Spooktober let me know in the comments!

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