Saturday, November 21, 2015

Different Dimension - Knock Once For Yes

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In my last post I showed you Chasing Shadows from the Anomalous Phenomena collection from Different Dimension. This sparkly blurple color was love at first sight, but to be honest it was Knock Once For Yes from the same collection that made me place my order.


Knock Once For Yes is a pumpkin spice burnt orange shade. It is a pretty unique color and I cannot think of a similar polish, which was one of the reasons why I needed this polish. The burnt orange base is loaded with gold microglitter which adds a good amount of sparkle. The base itself is a creme, which is pigmented but not too opaque so the microglitter shows through, adding a lot of depth.
And the formula.... Oh the formula is a bliss to work with! It glides on like hot butter, I was blown away when I first applied Knock Once For Yes. Seriously, you need to try this polish, it is a must have Fall shade for every nail polish lover!

different-dimension-knock-once-for-yes-macro (2)

Knock Once For Yes is available in the Different Dimension online shop for $8.75. They ship internationally in case you're outside the US. Oh and while you're at it you should check out her nail oils! I bought two of her pens and love it so far! If you're interested in a review let me know! 
Thanks for reading, have a great weekend.


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