Thursday, December 03, 2015

24 days of Christmas - Decal Disaster

holiday nail art

I was hesitant about posting these, but then I decided why not. Even for an experienced - if I may say so - nail painter things go wrong from time to time. Horribly wrong.


I have had the MoYou Festive plate 01 for almost two years now and finally wanted to give it a go. Decals or reversed stamping is a great way for unskilled free hand painters like me to get a colorful design. So I applied a clear base coat to my silicone baking mat, stamped designs from said plate onto it using the Essence Nail Art Stampy polish in black, then colored in the design and let it dry. To fill in the shapes I used four polishes from the China Glaze Road Trip collection from this past Spring: Boho Blues, Dashboard Dreamer, My Way or the Highway and I Brake for Color.

In the meantime I painted my nails with two coats of China Glaze Wine Down For What? from their latest Holiday collection. While the second coat was still tacky I peeled off the decals from the mat, trimmed them to the size of my nail and mounted them onto my nails. 
Well, at least I tried, because even after five minutes Whine Down For What? was still wet and I completely messed it up. Secondly, even though my decals had dried for only 15 to 20 minutes, they were super brittle and not flexible at all. I could not get them to stick to the sides of my nails. Maybe top coat would help to make it flexible again, but nope. All it did was make the decal wrinkly, but it didn't stick properly to the nails either. Another layer of top coat and lots of pushing down with an orangewood stick later I finally gave up on this mani.

I officially suck at reverse stamping. It looks so easy in all the tutorials I have seen, but I cannot get it right. I have tried it three or four times by now and all of the manicures were a disaster. Do you have any tips on how to get this technique to work properly?

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