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Best of 2015 - My favorite indie nail polishes

favorite nail polish 2015

In my last post I showed you my favorite main stream nail polishes of 2015. Today it is time for my favorite nail polishes from independent brands. Indie makers usually are small businesses, often run by just a single lady who creates the nail polishes in their homes and I like to support the whole concept behind those brands. Also I find that indie brands offer a much wider variety in colors and finishes and dare going beyond the common and "safe" color scheme of main stream brands. Thus, I bought way more indie polishes this past year than main stream nail polishes. For my favorites I have again chosen the best colors and/or outstanding formulas. I could have added many more to the list, but I narrowed it down to my top 8. Here they are in no particular order.



a-England - Spirit of the Moors

It is no secret that I adore blue nail polish and Spirit of the Moors is a must have shade of blue for every nail polish lover! It is a bright royal blue color with a soft holographic effect. As with all a-England polishes I have tried so far the formula is super smooth and easy to apply.



Different Dimension - Buttersweet Symphony

Different Dimension is created by Missi and this brand has been one of THE best indie discoveries for me this year! Her polishes have been around for a while, but I never ordered from her until I saw swatches of her Falling In Love collection. Buttersweet Symphony is a mustard yellow with a strong linear holographic effect. The formula is a bliss to work with and glides on like hot butter! From their Halloween collection I also loved the unique pumpkin orange Knock Once For Yes, which I have shown you previously.



Il était un vernis - Matcha Doing Today?

Another new discovery for me was the French indie brand Il était un vernis, which is run by the bloggers who run Vernis en Folie (Polish Madness) and De tout et de rien (Everything and Nothing). Their polishes are made in an Australian lab and have an outstanding quality! I bought their whole Sweet Bliss Summer collection and probably the most unique shade for me is Matcha Doing Today, a yellow toned bright green with golden and pink shimmer.


Arcane Lacquer - Little Supernovas

Little Supernovas has been around for a while and is one of Arcane Lacquer's best sellers. I only got hold of it last year and I am not sure whether this has been discontinued by now or not. Sorry if it has, because this is mesmerizing in the bottle already! It is a deep purple jelly base with small blue and tiny red glitter. It required three coats to be opaque, but it is totally worth it. It is one of those polishes that is hard to capture right and my photos are not doing it justice.



Il était un vernis - La Paulée

Another collection that knocked my socks off is Grand Crus by Il était un vernis. La Paulée is a GORGEOUS emerald green shimmer polish. The formula is perfection, it can be a one coater if you apply a medium coat. I did two thin coats for the swatches. The formula again glides on easily and leaves nothing to be desired.



Glam Polish - Pop!

I had to hunt the Glam Polish Knockout collection Part 2 quite a bit, because it sold out quickly when it was first released. I was able to get it during a second restock and my favorite from the collection is the scattered holographic peach shade called Pop!. Again, a very unique color and totally wearable even for pale girls like me.



ILNP - Overnight Bag

If you like indie nail polishes there is no way around the Las Vegas based brand ILNP. Literally all of their polishes are amazing and I have a hard time choosing my favorites from their new collections (trust me, if I had the money I'd simply buy them all - every time! That's how much I like them). Overnight Bag is a deep holographic red-toned brown that was released as part of their Fall 2015 collection. Brown might not be for everyone, but this is totally wearable and classy.



Il était un vernis - Pinot Noir

Aaaand another one from Il était un vernis. I know I know, the story is getting old, but these are so damn good, they need to be mentioned several times! Pinot Noir from the Grand Crus collection is a rich ruby red with a subtle holographic effect. Check out my full review of Pinot Noir with macro shots if you like.

So those were eight of my absolute favorite indie nail polishes of 2015. The list could go on and on, so here are a few honorable mentions:

Which are your favorite independent nail polishes? I am always on the hunt for new brands ;)
Stay tuned for my favorite nail art essentials and best nail care items of 2015!
Thanks a lot for reading. 

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